Zero Defect Manufacturing Alliances

Other Projects

  •    Goodman Project The main goal of the GO0D MAN project is to perform quality control for a multi – stage manufacturing production into a distributed system architecture built on agent-based Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and smart inspection tools. This framework supports the real-time data collection and defect diagnosis at single process level, as well as the inter-stage sharing and processing of information at global level using data mining techniques. The Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) strategy proposed by the GO0D MAN project will be demonstrated in three relevant industrial cases with multi-stage production lines with different levels of automation and production rate.The real time and early identification of deviations and trends, performed at local level, allow to prevent the generation of defects at single stage and their propagation to down-stream processes, enabling the global system to be predictive (early detection of process faults) and proactive (self-adaptation to different conditions).