Z-Fact0r Academic Workshops 18th of March Online registration

Z-Fact0r project would like to invite you to participate online at two Academic Workshops scheduled for 18th of March with the thematic subjects:
Zero Defect Manufacturing projects for Smart Manufacturing
Prediction in Smart Manufacturing and Zero Defect Manufacturing projects

The objectives of these Workshops are to share the solution towards zero-defect production and provide an insight regarding the further approaches by other ZDM European projects.

The registration link here. The talks will be in English.


Z-Fact0r Plenary Meeting and Academic Workshops, COVID-19 Update

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the Z-Fact0r Horizon Project decided to hold the M42 Plenary Meeting and the two Academic Workshops (Workshop 1: Zero Defect Manufacturing projects, Workshop 2: Prediction in Smart Manufacturing) via teleconferences. Both events would be hosted by Center for Technology, Research & Innovation (CETRI) Nicosia, Cyprus. The Plenary Meeting was scheduled for the 19th and 20th of March, while the two Academic Workshops for the 18th of March.
We thank all the registered participants and our partners in the organization for their understanding. More news to come on the 2 Academic Workshops’ teleconference details for the attendees to join us online!

By cetri

18th March 2020 Z-Fact0r Academic Workshops in Nicosia, Cyprus

CETRI, as partner of the Z-Fact0r project, will host the Z-Fact0r Academic Workshops on 18th March 2020 at Semeli Hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus:

  • Workshop 1: Zero-Defect Manufacturing projects
  • Workshop 2: Prediction in Smart Manufacturing

Z-Fact0r Academic Workshops would like to be an opportunity to share knowledge with Academics and Researchers about Z-Fact0r zero-defect manufacturing solution. It will be a unique occasion to understand different approaches to the ZDM topic. Four different EU projects working on zero-defect manufacturing will be presented: STREAM-OD, QU4LITY, Boost 4.0, Z-BRE4K.

Workshops agenda

Contact: zfactor@cetri.net

Click to Register for the Workshops 

Academic Workshops Venue: Semeli Hotel – Petraki Giallourou 10, Nicosia, Cyprus


10th October 2019 Z-Fact0r Industrial Workshop at Kilometro Rosso

On October 10th at Kilometro Rosso Z-Fact0r partners presented their project results obtained so far. This represented a very important step in disseminating our solution and sharing the project knowledge among companies and research centers in the Innovation District of Bergamo. The Z-Fact0r partners received great feedback from manufacturing companies in the Bergamo area, which showed a strong interest in zero-defect production issues and their proximity to the Industry 4.0 topic.

Thanks to Servizi Confindustria Bergamo for hosting such a remarkable event attended by so many companies interested in solutions for zero-defect manufacturing.



26-27th March 2019 – M30 Plenary Meeting – Z-Fact0r Project

The Ζ-fact0r 30M Plenary Meeting was held in Caldicot, UK on March 26th and March 27th and organized by MICROSEMI. The consortium engaged in interesting conversations regarding the progress of the project and the challenges ahead. The meeting attendants also had the chance to visit MICROSEMI premises and discuss how the Ζ-fact0r solution applies to MICROSEMI processes.





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18th March 2020 Z-Fact0r Academic Workshops in Nicosia, Cyprus
10th October 2019 Z-Fact0r Industrial Workshop at Kilometro Rosso
8-9th October 2019 – M37 Plenary Meeting – Z-Fact0r Project
Upcoming event: Z-Fact0r Industrial Workshop on 10th October 2019 in Bergamo, Italy
16th May 2019 – Review Meeting – Z-Fact0r Project
26-27th March 2019 – M30 Plenary Meeting – Z-Fact0r Project