Datapixel SL

DATAPIXEL designs, develops and manufactures systems and solutions in the field of computer vision and dimensional metrology in industrial and professional applications. DATAPIXEL performs the design, development and commissioning of non-contact optical instrumentation in production line and measurement laboratory for quality control, dimensional and geometrical inspection. DATAPIXEL supplies solutions in 3D dimensional inspection, virtual metrology, in line inspection and robot guidance systems. Non-contact measurement and 3D digitizing systems of DATAPIXEL allows the generation, processing and use of the dimensional information throughout the entire product life cycle. Due to Virtual Metrology and Inspection Automation Solutions, DATAPIXEL’s clients significantly improve their industrial processes and consequently its results. DATAPIXEL developments are market driven, and provide high-end products to sectors such as automotive, electronics, energy, railway or aeronautics.

DATAPIXEL manufactures the OptiScan high-speed 3D scanning sensors, providing one of the best accuracy and sensitivity on the market. With OptiScan, the high-tech manufacturing companies can obtain high accuracy 3D point clouds of their products for reverse engineering, virtual metrology, automatic inspection and robot guidance. OptiScan can work on shiny or dark surfaces without the need of spray or coating. Exclusive laser, electronics and optical technology provide the best synchronization with the mover (CMM, CNC machine, Robot, Portable arm), resulting in better accuracy and repeatability.

Additionally, DATAPIXEL provides different services based on the high-level products developed by the company. On one hand, DATAPIXEL supplies On-site Measurement services in the customers’ premises and In-house Measurement services from our own installations, which are fully climatised and equipped with the latest technologies. DATAPIXEL offers a full range of services and solutions that include surface digitisation; reverse engineering; highprecision measurement of surface characteristics and geometries; and measurement of deformed parts. On the other hand, DATAPIXEL offers maintenance, verification and commissioning services for all types of metrology equipment, best-in-class technical assistance services, consultancy services for greater productivity, or engineering quality control, among others.