Durit Metalurgia Portuguesa do Tungstenio Lda

DURIT is a company that develops and produces special tools and wear parts carbides. It developed an international network of experienced production companies specialized sales experts and scientific institutions. The main qualities of DURIT are its high quality standards, trend-setting innovative capacity and maximum product safety.

DURIT main market is Germany (61,50%), followed by Spain (13,95%), Brazil (11,44%) and Portugal (9,49%).

DURIT is dedicated to the research, development and production of wear tooling in hard metals (WC-Co), special steels and technical ceramics (Si3N4; Zr2O) by the powder metallurgy process. The hardmetal grades production ranges from coarse grain size WC for impact wear processes to submicron and ultrafine WC grades with very low Co content for extremely aggressive wear conditions. DURIT main markets of operation are the oil and gas, with flux control parts, signal transmitter and protection sleeves for electronics systems and multiple other valve components. Pharmaceutical, metal packaging, metal conformation, ceramics processing, mining, chemical, paper and steel industry are other typical examples where it operates, always in the field of wear tooling. DURIT has two production units: the main production site is located in Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal and a second one in Salvador, Brazil.

Since its beginning, DURIT has built a philosophy of production per order, which means that its production is mainly orientated for medium/small orders and complex shaped tools although, a small number of cutting tools geometries are also produced. Durit has a complete autonomy in the powder metallurgical route from powder preparation to surface finishing. Due to its specific production concept DURIT is equipped with powder preparation equipments, uniaxial and isostatic pressing, green machining, sinterHIP sintering and HIP, and state-of-the art surface finishing engineering including EDM and fully equipped metrology control systems. Associated processes as brazing, steel thermal treatments, surface coatings as electrolytic, PVD and thermal spraying are also performed by the company.

DURIT has its own R&D and innovation department, dedicated to the study and development of new materials and process engineering updates, particularly related with powder metallurgy, surface treatments and specific wear applications.

Website: http://www.durit.com/en/