INOVA+ Innovation Services, S.A.

INOVA+ ( is the Portuguese leading company in the field of the promotion and management of international projects on Innovation and Research & Technological Development. The company’s mission is to provide the knowledge, the management capacity, the partnerships and the technical and financial support needed for the development of innovation projects of its customers.

Celebrating 20 years of experience, INOVA employs a highly qualified team of more than 45 consultants based in offices all over Europe, such as Porto (headquarters), Lisbon, Brussels, Luxembourg, Warsaw and Germany.

INOVA is also linked to a wide network of partners, which include Universities, Research Centers, Municipalities, Industrial clusters, Brokerage Institutions and European Bodies.

INOVA wants to build the path to 2020 and bring the horizon one step closer. To achieve such goal, our consultants are confident and deliver effective and sustainable solutions in the following areas of innovation: Innovation Systems and Innovation Management; Science, Technology and Communication management; Integration of Information and Communication Technologies; Entrepreneurship; Technology Transfer; Education and Training; Internationalization.

Consultants at INOVA are regularly invited for performing independent expert evaluations for a various number of programmes and initiatives promoted by the European Commission or by National Authorities and Agencies, in different thematic areas such as “innovation”, “transports”, “education and training”, “advance manufacturing”, “adult education” and “eco-innovation”. Our mission is to provide the most solid knowledge and expertise, through the design and implementation of advisory methodologies which add value and promote sustainable solutions.

The company has reached several milestones over the last 20 years:

       It has managed over 50 international innovation projects, and in the recent years it has been the private organisation in Portugal with the largest participation in the European Commission Framework Programme for Research, Development and Innovation;

       It provides strategic consultancy services in innovation and technology, and formulates recommendations to the European Commission, the European Institute of Technology, the Portuguese Cabinet for the Lisbon Strategy and several Innovation Agencies across Europe;

       It has become the innovation partner and services provider of over 70 companies in Portugal, to which it manages innovation strategies and projects on a long term basis, with clients such as Alstom, Microsoft Language Development Centre, Optimus / French Telecom, amongst others;

       It works with the main universities in Portugal and in Europe, in the design and implementation of market oriented technology transfer and knowledge transfer activities;

       It was ESA’s Broker in Portugal, operating as a mediator of technology of spatial origin (tested in ESA) for industrial application, under the frame of ESA´s NTTI programme (National Technology Transfer Initiative).

       It has launched a seed capital fund to support the start-up and initial development of new technology based firms, and it also runs a business incubator.

INOVA is also active in applied research through its RTD unit providing high quality services of research, project management, concept and product development at the European level, in the areas of ICT for Health, ICT for Smart Sustainable Cities, ICT for Security & Defence, ICT for Industrial and Business Automation.

INOVA has developed several skills applied to project management and exploitation:

       Promotion of national and international projects – Promotion and validation of innovative ideas and identification of financing schemes.

       Project Management – Project management in national and international consortium. Provision of consultancy services in the scope of the projects.

       Standardization and norms – Builds upon existing standards for SOTA leveraging and and for developing business and work processes

       Project Financing – Financial schemes for the elaboration of national and community projects. Proposal preparation.

       Development of technological partnerships and establishment of cooperation bonds – Participation and promotion of research and development in innovation. Establishment of privileged relations of cooperation with research and development institutions and with the entrepreneurial market.

       Technology Surveillance – Performance of technological and scientific watch actions. Identification of new solutions emerging from European projects, made available by research centers.

       Dissemination of information – Promotion and dissemination of events with the purpose to share information about innovation and technology.

INOVA has a wide experience with certification and standardization processes. The long experience in monitoring and conforming to directives and standards will help Z‑Fact0r to reach the markets while be aligned with the widely used standardization bodies.

INOVA+ will be in charge of standardization/valorization activities (WP7) and ensuring broad technology take-up outside of the consortium and after the end of the project