Interseals Srl

Interseals Srl is a SME Italian company headquartered in Brescia, in the area known also as the “Rubber Valley”, with a turnover of about 21,000,000€ in 2016 and 110 units of staff. Since its foundation in 1995 Interseals has specialized in the transforming elastomer of various formulation, such as fluorinated elastomers (FKM), Silicon (VMQ), fluorosilicone (FVMQ), HNBR and liquid silicone (LSR), into a wide range of products: as O-rings, cut washers and technical item. Thanks to its close cooperation with the most important polymer and compound producers, Interseals has shortly found credibility in the international market. The main areas of interest are automotive, medical and industrial.

The business market products is international. In particular, the European export is a privileged channel (76%) and Germany represents the 63% of the Interseals total market.

The production department equipped with 3,200 injection molds and 30 injection molding machines, is supported by a high Tech Laboratory able to carry out both dimensional checks, and physical, mechanical and chemical analyses. The process reliability of our products is also guaranteed by FT-IR, TGA, DMA and TMA analysis.

In addition to the rubber parts production, in 2008 was established the Lubricant Department, in order to perform elastomers surface treatment. To do this, Interseals acquired and developed innovative machinery. The new department has revolutionized the corporate business model, including a new business service, also aimed either to Customer or to direct competitors. Beside the traditional types of surface treatment, such as “Molicote” (molybdenum disulphide) or silicone and talc coating, the new department is equipped with industrial facilities to manage the entire process of lubricant treatment, including plasma surface activation, plasma polymerization, micro-cleaning and spray lacquers lubricants treatments. The service is related to friction reduction, prevention of stick-slip and noise phenomena, resistance to abrasion improving, appearance improving, rubber parts colouring for Poka Yoke needs.

The coating processes are well supported and certified by the internal Tribological Laboratory.

Thanks to these services, Interseals is a leader in this market segment, and is the first company in Europe and the second in the world for production capacity dedicated to surface treatment of elastomeric components.

Interseals is an official coating partner of the two more important companies in the production of lubricant in the world, Klüber Lubrication and Fuchs Lubritech.

Currently the turnover of the treatments department related to external processing corresponds to about 800,000€ for year, reaching a total of 1,200,000€ for year considering the treatment of the Interseals products.

In 2014, Interseals established the company POL-TECHNOLOGY Sp.zo.o based in Czeladz (Poland).

The branch is performing surface treatments through to its new atomizing systems. Since the middle of 2015 it has started the rubber parts production as well.

Currently Pol-Technology has got 3 moulding machines, 5 shearing machines and 2 coating machines; 25 workers make the staff. The turnover expected is 2,500,000€.

Since the beginning of 2015 Interseals srl has defined, in the organization, the new Research and Development department with the purpose of:

  • supporting the continuous improvement of the Company;
  • strengthening the development competence;
  • investigating new production fields and application.

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