Servizi Confindustria Bergamo Srl

Founded in 1910, Confindustria is the leading representative organization of companies manufacturing and services in Italy. It brings together, on a voluntary basis, 149,288 businesses of all sizes for a total of 5,516,975 people. According to its statute, Confindustria is committed to contribute to the social and cultural, national and international economic growth and social progress of the country, along with political institutions and economic organizations. To this end, Confindustria is the demands and proposals of the Italian economic system with key political and administrative institutions, including Parliament, the Government, trade unions and other social forces.

The organization of System “Confindustria”, to cover all the Italian nation, is based on 100 independent Territorial Associations. Confindustria Bergamo, in particular, is the territorial Association including the industries of the Bergamo Province, the most densely industrial populated province of Europe: 1,340 enterprises, mainly SMEs, for a total of 87,188 people.

Confindustria Bergamo, in consonance with its home country and the profile of its members, has provided a higher reach in the exploitation, dissemination and coming benefits for many technology national projects results.

SERVIZI CONFINDUSTRIA BERGAMO S.R.L. is involved in this project. It is a subsidiary  of Confindustria Bergamo and it is a private Limited company (LTD) that provides important services aimed to people and business management. Servizi Confindustria Bergamo ensures an extended and enriched service portfolio, it reinforces its role of partner of its affiliated companies, by transversely works with the other business units of Confindustria Bergamo.

SERVIZI CONFINDUSTRIA BERGAMO S.R.L. in particular the involved Business Unit provides:

I.  Consulting services in three main area with focus on Lean Production principles:

        Operations Management

        Logistics and warehouse

        Production Management

        Continuous Improvement

        New Product Development

        Product & Process Quality

        Industrial Layout Optimisation

        Change & Knowledge Management

II.  Services of Project Management to companies involved in R&D projects

III. Project screening activities and Support in writing the proposal

Servizi Confindustria Bergamo offers to his associated enterprises different specific services: Roadmapping (for example: KEts in Bergamo province), Innovation Assessment (IMP3rove), Dissemination of the knowledge Academy to Business (accompanying to the Academies, Research centers and technological district), Business to Business creating synergies between enterprises, Accompanying to Horizon 2020, Lean Production Advice, Technology transfer and IPR classification.

Servizi Confindustria has a strong relationship with Italian industry players. It serves a constituency of industrial companies active in several production sectors, such metals and processes, ICT, environmental technologies and more.