Sir S.P.A

SIR S.p.A. is one of the biggest and most famous industrial robot system integrator in Italy: originally founded as an industrial research and engineering company, in 1984 they first developed “Tomcat” a pioneer 6 DOF anthropomorphous robot (realizing both the mechatronics design and control system) and then specialized in developing highly innovative industrial robotics applications and applied research.

Every SIR robotic solution relies intensively on high end technologies as artificial vision systems, compliant spindles and grippers, offline programming and custom designed tool machines and mechatronic devices internally developed. At the present time SIR S.p.A. developed more than 4.000 robotics applications in many different industrial fields (e.g.: automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceutics, plastics, tiles, foundry, etc.), especially, SIR S.p.A. realized many innovative robotic milling and deburring applications as well as the robotic intelligent deburring of crankshafts and engine heads at the most prestigious sport cars manufacturers plants.

SIR S.p.A. integrates almost every brand of industrial robots like Kuka, Fanuc, Comau and is one of the five world strategic partners of ABB Robotics while closely collaborates with Schunk GmbH, whose represents the first Italian customer, in real applications and research studies.