Project Results

Result Description Beneficiary
Context-aware algorithms and ontology for ZDM Context-aware algorithms and ontologies. Defect prediction by reading sensor data from the production EPFL
Knowledge based DSS Integrated Knowledge Management and Decision Support System (KMDSS).  EPFL
Event-Modelling A Machine Learning Tool to register events and find the relationship between system parameters in the form of correlation, sensitivity and clustering Analysis Brunel University
5 Industrial KPI Models and Bespoke Integration Algorithms Transfer functions for measuring the KPIs of the industrial system Brunel University
CORE Algorithm Bespoke algorithm to transfer 5 KPI into singular metric of Satisfaction Brunel University
KPI Cost Functions Algorithms and Philosophy to translate KPI values into deferential cost models EPFL 70% 

Brunel University 30%

The Green Scheduler and Green Scheduler on fly Validation & Verification Green Manufacturing Process and Scheduling Optimisation Brunel University
Suite for multimodal data representation The micro-profilometer prototype produces 3D data for quality control in manufactured parts. Integrated on the Graphical User Interface that can extract sensor data from the shop floor and fuse them in a unique multimodal data representation for each manufactured part. CERTH-ITI
Suite of Process Analytical Technologies Process Analytical Technologies for monitoring production parameters and predicting upcoming defects. Integrated on a Graphical User interfaces and allow the analysis of multi-sensor data CERTH-ITI
Micro-profilometry defect detection system A surface defect detection system with techniques for smart measurement planning focusing on areas prone to defects in order to reduce acquisition time and speed up processing. Surface data processing algorithms will be included in order to detect potential defects and monitor material parameters. CERTH-ITI
Early Stage – Decision Support System (ES-DSS) ES-DSS is a software application component developed to facilitate a sensors network with flexible and scalable sources in respect with the production line and work as well as maintenance procedures on shop floors. ATLANTIS
Prediction of future defects  Prediction will utilise defects events data, recorded from ES-DSS in order to generate possible future defects (set of corelated values). ATLANTIS
Reverse Supply Chain (RSC) RSC initiates (in certain cases) a reverse-flow process for a defected item offering: 1) decision to activate reverse flow on a detected defect, 2) defect classification as product of internal or external supply tier, 3) Sorting process and redirection for rework/remanufacturing or disposal, 4) Redirection to supplier. ATLANTIS
Production Management Module Module to visualize data coming from other partners HOLONIX
Z-Fact0r data repository Repository of Z-Fact0r data HOLONIX
Multisensorial data acquisition module Module enabled to acquire data coming from several sensors HOLONIX
Processing algorithms for defect detection Development of defect detection and prediction algorithms using laser data (raw data and features) CERTH IBO
Intelligent robotic deburring cell Intelligent robotic deburring cells implementing ZF’s ZD strategies. The system will be able to evaluate product quality and identifying defects, to generate an optimized deburring cycle choosing the best tools and settings, to check the quality achieved and eventually to define a proper repairing action. SIR
Accuracy deburring spindle New generation of sensorized and compliant spindle SIR
PCB repairing robot PCB repairing protocols involves two main components: a) The precise deposition of solder paste droplets using the paste jet deposition methods b) The laser sintering of the solder paste in a local manner, without affecting the surrounding or underlying components CETRI
Laser removal of excess glue Repairing of the issue of excess deposition of conducting glue, or misplacement of the glue, on complex PCBs CETRI
Repairing of wire bonding on PCBs A delicate procedure for the electrical connection of the silicon die to the PCB. CETRI
Repairing of WC/Co parts Application of laser sintering of hard metal/ceramic NPs, namely tungsten carbide (WC), for the repairing of hard metal components CETRI
Analytical tools for 3D point cloud-based defect information A software module that will be integrated in the ES-DSS using 3D point cloud-based inspection information Datapixel
High definition In-process 3D Scanning inspection Automated in-process inspection solution based in 3D scanning Datapixel
Algorithms Library for Machine/process defect detection in 3D Pointclouds Algorithms for automatic defect detection in 3D pointclouds Datapixel