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CETRI, as partner of the Z-Fact0r project, will host the Z-Fact0r Academic Workshops on 18th March 2020 at Semeli Hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus:

  • Workshop 1: Zero-Defect Manufacturing projects
  • Workshop 2: Prediction in Smart Manufacturing

Z-Fact0r Academic Workshops would like to be an opportunity to share knowledge with Academics and Researchers about Z-Fact0r zero-defect manufacturing solution. It will be a unique occasion to understand different approaches to the ZDM topic. Four different EU projects working on zero-defect manufacturing will be presented: STREAM-OD, QU4LITY, Boost 4.0, Z-BRE4K.

Workshops agenda

Contact: zfactor@cetri.net

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Academic Workshops Venue: Semeli Hotel – Petraki Giallourou 10, Nicosia, Cyprus

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18th March 2020 Z-Fact0r Academic Workshops in Nicosia, Cyprus